Hemorrhoids Guaranteed

A diet many times helps it if you have some wrong, remember the proverb that says: you are what you eat. People are in the habit when you have a disease the first thing they do is go to drugs, without knowing the real cause which originates, to when you talk about hemorrhoids diet greatly influences: If you eat contaminated food or foods that contain strong laxatives, you may suffer from diarrhea, constant evacuation only causes that the pressure in the rectum is increasing and they can cause hemorrhoids. If you eats junk food, red meat and fried foods then you could suffer from constipation or constipation, doing to their feces at the moment of departure hurt the rectum due to their harsh and raspy consistency producing hemorrhoids. In addition if we add the alcohol, tobacco and coffee, besides having constipation we produce complications to our circulatory system, causing obstructions at the level of veins, leading to the end of everything to hemorrhoids. With this we analyze that so important a poor diet can bring us in different ways one or several existing diseases, let’s attack out there first. Then dare to start a diet for hemorrhoids: breakfast:-orange or lemon juice. -A small glass of milk or yogurt (if it is intolerant to lactose omit this).

-A cup of cereal – bread combined with what you like, not have fat or red meat. First snack: (optional) – 1 fruit. -A fillet of chicken or boiled duck. Lunch: Input:-1 second salad: – 1 or 2 glasses of juice that you like – 1 bowl of vegetable stew – 1 dish of fried fish second snack: – can repeat the first snack – 1 case of Apple juice. Dinner: You can choose:-vegetable soup. -Salad. To see the most effective plan to cure hemorrhoids naturally and without pain, click here original author and source of the article.