High Hammerhead

The hammer crusher mainly use the high speed rotary hammerhead impact to pray, make them break along the natural fissures, vulnerable part of layer inside and joints to break surface. The hammerhead material and the quality of hammerhead have direct impact to the hammer crusher crushing effect, productivity, life and the other work using performances, therefore, the research of hammerhead materials and quality is very important and practical. The determination of the hammer crusher hammerhead material: High chromium cast iron as a third generation anti-wear material, in the international arena, it has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industry sectors crushing equipment. Such as: ball mill grinding balls, all kinds of hammer crusher hammer, linear board. High chrome manganese tungsten alloy hammerhead heat treatment process of alloy after quenching and low temperature tempering treatment to eliminate the residual stress of the casting, quenched martensite into tempered martensite, in order to improve the impact toughness eleven carbide was dispersed. Shape, and the isolated block is small, which has played to role of the anti-wear backbone; support the martensitic matrix of the primary carbides, duo to the deposited on the sake of carbon dioxide highly dispersed, and further strengthened martensitic matrix organization anti-wear performance; small amount of residual austenite slow crack growth trend, high chrome manganese tungsten alloy abrasion resistance is good. The determination of the hammer crusher hammerhead quality: when determining the quality of the hammer, on the one hand, it should be completely crush accessories, on the other hand the hammer should not be partial down, the hammerhead deflection is associated with the rotational speed of the rotor, the crushing materials must meet the energy conditions and stress conditions. Energy condition refers to the hammer hammer quality of energy must be greater than or equal to the power required for crushing materials. After researching and analyzing, we thought that the usage of hammer crusher hammerhead directamente influence the capacity of the crusher, for further improving the performance of the hammer crusher, the customers should compare the different products of different manufacturers. Select the best hammerhead and its crusher equipment accessories to meet the requirements of customers, and bring a broader market for the enterprise use.