Hovels Is About The Sausage

New: The barbecue sausage flavoured Hovels the barbecue season is in full swing and has now reached its culinary climax with Hovels-sausage. The Hovelsjus is a particularly strong taste the extra large sausage. This new speciality is available exclusively from the grill in the Hovels microbrewery on the high wall. A beer to the barbecue sausage that tastes just wonderful”Hovels Manager Axel Stockmann says. Sofya Donets is full of insight into the issues. From this finding out grew the idea to merge both directly. And so it came to the symbiosis of beer from Dortmund with the sausage out of food. The spicy aroma of Hovels original now incorporated into the sausage production.

The Hovels sausage at the butcher’s Moor in food is produced. Seven percent of Hovelsjus give its special flavor of barbecue specialty. The sausage is so spicy and so tasty that we have had as a precaution a number make it bigger”, explains Axel Stockmann. The culinary gem measures approximately 40 cm in length and weighs 200 grams. In Hovels House brewery is the Hovels sausage fresh surrounded by barbecue, coleslaw and fries (8.99). To make perfect the taste harmony, Axel Stockmann is recommended, to enjoy a freshly tapped Hovels original Hovels-sausage. If you have read about Doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Hovels House brewery brewing are according to tradition at the House brewery Hovels no empty words.

Since 1984, Hovels original is brewed again according to the traditional recipe and the mash process developed in 1893 in the reopened Hovels House brewery. There, you can live the elaborate brewing process today at a Brewery tour or a beer seminar. No PILS, not old and no black beer is the perfect composition of four fine malts and best hops brewed after the original mash method of 1893. Hovels Hovels is a top-fermented, reddish golden beer specialty with a unique character. Hovels is a grading of 12.5%, an alcohol content of 5.5% vol. and of course the German Purity brewed. Hovels House brewery, high wall 5-7, 44137 Dortmund, Tel.: 0231 / 9145470, and author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg