How To Buy An Apartment

Search for apartments first to clearly define who will deal with two major operations: the search for an apartment and registration of the transaction and registration. You can do it yourself or rely on specialists, such as apply to the real estate agency. Here, Aetna expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And the first and second case requires a professional approach and developments. You spend a lot of time and effort, if all try to make yourself. If you decide to find an apartment for sale yourself, select the main sources of information, review all proposals. Your first question should be: 'This is a firm?'.

Do not despair if the 80% get a positive answer – this is the reality of the current time. If you found a good price option – Take a critical eye. At Krasnodar market apartments offered at below market price for at least a quarter, a rarity. Apparently, this version has a problem: Delayed settlement, crime, poor condition of apartments and more. Apartments in new or secondary market? This issue should be resolved beforehand. The secondary market – the apartments in buildings with a total accumulated depreciation, in this case may be flat saddled with professional histories. New buildings – is the lack of infrastructure, problems with communication, delay settlement, as well as the lack of finishing. Independently to compare the prices of new buildings and the secondary market, not being a specialist, it is very difficult. Selecting a mediator Choosing a mediator with whom you work – a serious matter. Recommendations of your friends at the expense of a realtor – is no reason for a final decision.