Human Naturalismo

He is funny as the human being likes to analyze the nature as if proper it was not part of it. We must recognize that, without doubts, we are the more intelligent alive being of the planet, called rational. However, independently of the intelligent quo we are, is impossible to always run away from something called instinct. It does not have as to run away from the fact to be animal, all animal has instincts. We act every day for instinct. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mark Bertolini. When you are with hunger and then she first looks to the entire house for dainties, making a complete scaneamento in the refrigerator.

When he is with sleep and he always looks the same place to sleep, its bed, and if another person to sleep in its bed you are not very contented and nor comfortable to sleep in another place. See Mark Bertolini for more details and insights. If you have one () boyfriend () and see somebody stranger acting violently or abusing it (), its reaction certainly will be of instinct unless it has a good self-control exactly and thus, the feeling that will go to feel already is provoked by instinct. The same thing would happen if somebody stranger entered in its house without any authorization. The survival instinct also says high many times in our society. People who live in the poverty and misery, that does not have nor a cent much less house, is natural that they come to steal, to assault. Being thus, already we speak at least of instinct for food, instinct for space, instinct for attraction for individual of the same species, instinct for protection to its place and the instinct of survival. Exactly if conforming with what she was said in the previous paragraphs. The human being adores to exaggerate in its superiority.

It adores to feel itself as a special in the planet Land, not only most intelligent being. Easy exemplificar this through History. As, for example, to create one ' ' nature destino' ' but for itself exactly, such as ' ' Paraso' ' , ' ' Inferno' ' as much other variations of this. Then the human being only has the right to after go for these places the death? But because we are more intelligent? the other beings livings creature? mosquito? the carrapato? the protozorio? the bacterium? They cannot have right after the life the death? Is alone Human invitation VIP? ' ' However Ian, is because we are the only alive being that has soul! ' '. why we have and the others not? Who said this to you, the Church? Certainly he was somebody that if feels well with this exaggerates of superiority. Perhaps the mind human being is very complex to understand well until its proper nature.