Iberia Temperature

Do you need a high quality temperature signal converter? Choose CPE Iberia WK109PT0 temperature signal converter and not feel. Do this WK109PT0 temperature signal converter has compact dimensions and accuracy? n 0, 1%, separation? galvanic n, selection of different signals from output and connection? n for 2, 3 or 4 wires. Ask for our signal converter for temperature WK109PT0 for flexible use and medici? precise n. WK109PT0 temperature signal converter is reliable and precise temperature signal converter WK109PT0 converts a Pt100 signal at a standard signal. Temperature WK109PT0, integrated in a plastic shell, signal converter has a resolution of 14 bit and an accuracy of 0.1%.

Sensors Pt100 for temperature signal converter may be 2 to 4 wire. The measuring range of temperature signal converter can be adjusted step by step in a range of – 150 C to + 650 C with the help of DIP switches. Get this device for the medici? n accurate now same! Do do some parameters of signal WK109PT0 for sensors Pt100 Selecci converter? n of different output signals (do current / power? n) resolution? 14 n bit width of s? as 6.2 mm separation? galvanic n of inputs and outputs WK109PT0 temperature signal converter is very flexible temperature signal converter is a smart device and represents the Summit in its category. La selecci? n of different output signals allows a very flexible use of this temperature signal converter. A separation? n galvanic ensures a proper operation.Try not only the temperature signal converter, but also other our products. PCE Iberia company has a complex range of appliances and accessories to convert the temperature signal. Equip your company by temperature signal converters and other necessary appliances now! For more information n over temperature signal converter you can contact our specialists of PCE. Contact us now and charge converter of temperature signal!