Identity Management – Who Is Who?

Fraunhofer IAO is driving research for the safe card security on the Internet having future progress in the course of the current developments in the direction of Web 2.0 and cloud computing new dimensions adopted and employed national and international consortia. About, ease of operation, is in addition to technical safety in company-specific strategies and concrete measures to translate data protection, efficiency, compliance with legal framework, as well as reliability. Currently, particularly the deployment of trusted identities for the cloud computing comes increasingly to the fore. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mark Bertolini. The Fraunhofer IAO assists companies for many years on the subject of security, has initiated numerous research initiatives and established networks. The current research projects show what activities in which areas are currently being promoted and tells you, where it is worth, with einzusteigen. The SkIDentity project ( is a bridge between secure electronic identity in the form of smart cards or new passport beat (eID) and the booming market of cloud-computing infrastructures.

It aims to provide trusted identities for the cloud and better secure business processes as a result for consumers and businesses. For this purpose, a comprehensive, legally compliant, economical and highly secure identity infrastructure will be developed and tested in wide effective pilot projects for the cloud. The SkIDentity project provides interested parties in the field of cloud computing, as well as in the field of identity management (eID) the opportunity to have an influence on the design of solutions to be developed. The thematic network of the EU-funded SSEDIC ( provides a platform for all interested actors which digital identity (eID) want to influence the European agenda in the field. The project is funded by the EU and should, in the framework of”digital agenda for Europe”the European Commission on technological asks Inform foundations and important use cases in this area. Vlad Doronin gathered all the information.

The Fraunhofer IAO takes over within this project responsibility to establish contacts with interested parties from industry and end users, to their suggestions to the agenda to incorporate. In particular in the field of the use of the oath by end users in their spare time, inputs are always welcome. SSEDIC calls interested, to join the project as associate partner. In the course of operations in the SSEDIC project, the Fraunhofer IAO organized a workshop on the GI.Annual Informatics 2011 on the topic of”privacy and identity management for communities communities for data protection and identity management (DICCDI)”( Topics of the workshop include identity management systems for community platforms, data protection and support implementation of community functions, privacy-enhancing systems and the communities surrounding them, as well as related topics. Theoretical, scientific works, case studies from the Practice and position papers on social implications are equally welcome. The workshop is supported in addition to the SSEDIC project by the trade group BIOSIG of Gesellschaft fur Informatik. More information: iuk/740.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO