8. Search of agreements. Especially with persons, companies, banking and financial entities and institutions (mainly of the State) and potential customers, who are part of the chain that we have to convince that our idea is valid and cost-effective. The ability of conviction, and based on current and valid information, is necessary to facilitate the implementation of the idea of business and/or investment. 9. Information and data analysis capacity, to be able to propose solutions or problems that you will face, especially to rebut questions of technical, financial or market outlets. 10.Capacidad of selection of partners, that will accompany us in the adventure, prioritizing the verification of experience, exempt from legal and/or judicial problems aside from friendship and familiarity.

It is predictable that all who initiate the path of entrepreneurship also have these qualities, but they will be needed along the way learn them or at least properly select the person who perform those activities. Motivations to become the main motivation of becoming an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is the desire for economic independence, be your own boss and take all the experience to a new creative phase and evolution; However, many times there are short-term situations that do not require to be an entrepreneur without thinking, for example, when we lose the work, and the only thing we get is our liquidation and professional experience in the company where we work. In this situation we are left with two paths: we are looking for work or started an own company; It is this last route, which leads us to enter a new human spice, for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Usually in developing countries or emerging, this case is what most gives, and the entrepreneurship factor is very strong, it presents itself as a necessary and now only, output of survival. Original author and source of the article