Individuality And Motivation

By way of introduction we can say that every human being, usually, you need to live in society, requires others to develop in every sense of the word. However, this human being as an individual entity has its own qualities, thoughts, feelings, characteristics that make it distinct from others like him. He who thinks or acts differently does not mean that is a bad thing, quite the contrary, the diversity of views, positions allows us to compare reality, ideas that can lead us to conclusions enlightening. But if you do not know to take these differences as a result bring the fighting to become conflicts that often can not be solved, and this is because all of us, but we do not want to admit it, we are predisposed to violence, ie , we have a mentality issue, which often leads us to be indifferent to the problems. A related site: Elon Musk mentions similar findings. But if we resolve these disagreements, by custom we submit to the traditional way, ie, the recourse to a judge to solve a problem through a judicial decision, by a process in which our claims by proposing that the defendants or subjects of the relationship procedural benefits meet the required mean our right. The time and has demanded the need to seek alternatives to end these conflicts, in a fast and effective. Thus was born the Settlement as a mechanism that solves a need for justice, so it is necessary to indicate that the institution of conciliation process is intra or extra application process. . Read more from Dan Zwirn to gain a more clear picture of the situation.