Industrial Design

Generally, the company grundfos differs in that when you create the most that neither is "domestic" things makes extensive use of the possibility of industrial design. Confirmation of the above may be obtained several years ago, a prestigious European Award for Industrial Design, awarded by another kind of circulation pumps – Series Comfort. Make a comfortable pleasant and helpful The major significance of the object in the house, without exaggeration, one can assume that dressing-room. Gone are the days when the bathroom is an extremely limited space, most of whom held a massive toilet bowl hanging from the ceiling cistern. Modern toilet – is, first of all, couched in the same style room attracts with its comfort, comfort and functionality.

Experts say that the wealth of design possibilities of design, harmony of colors and styles of toilet can compete with any other premises in the house. Important role in creating the aesthetic and functional qualities of a toilet room assigned to plumbing fixtures, and in the first place – the toilet. Giving preference to one or another model, we focus primarily on its design and decor. It turns out that these devices are also inherent in the variety of styles: classic, avant-garde, retro, etc. There are also their fashion trends, among them – the desire to maximize a round shape and smooth lines. Modern bowls are colored, painted, decorated with stucco and even gold. Is still demand for traditional white appliances and classical forms with the installation "on the floor, but in high demand today enjoyed by their counterparts, suspended, attached to the wall.