Internet Agency

Partnership for the expansion of the own service portfolio agreed upon jointly achieve more. Under this motto, the Netpage GmbH, Wiesbaden and Mainz Internet service provider and specialist for online portals new identity AG make their future collaboration. Last week, the two companies have signed a partnership agreement. ormation. The aim of the agreement is the extension of the own offer by the special services of the partner. So, orders can be realized in the future, whose scope is also complemented by the expertise of the partner company on the own expertise. Also both companies will develop new products and services with the use of fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony and SMS that can be integrated into online platforms. The new identity AG’s Internet service provider and specialist for online portals in the Internet, intranet and extranet. The Mainz-based company works with 75 specialists in four set up interdisciplinary fields, the consulting, user experience, systems and project management combine.

With an annual turnover of EUR 5.5 million in 2010 and the place 34 the Internet Agency ranking in 2011, the company belongs to the top of the German interactive industry. founded in 1998, the company can look back on a solid long-term growth and maintains a permanent cooperation with international telecom, Deutsche Bank, General renowned motor, Telefunken and ARD customer base, including Deutsche. Netpage developed innovative, cross-media solutions since its inception in 1996 for customers from various industries. Today, thanks to many years of experience, Netpage is a leading provider of customer-oriented, flexible voice and data communications solutions for the industries. The company designed communication systems and flexible information solutions for efficient automation of processes, and to protect people and facilities, including the recently developed cell phone alerting system RunCC for quick warnings such as fire, gas leak, explosion hazard, or rampage.