Investment Funds

In recent days, the world economy has been reflecting in a general way, a balance that was over 3 years was not noticed. These results, according to experts are among other things, the excellent performance of the financial markets of fixed income and equities. He already passed January, investment funds subscriptions reached more than 4 million euros, while reimbursements for the same investment funds totalled almost EUR 5 million. Both amounts have resulted in refunds net of approximately 675 million euros, which represents 65% of the investment funds carried out in December. This result coupled with investors increased to 42 000 participants, reflects a significant improvement in the global economy for investors. The amount of assets of investment funds, increased nearly 448 million euros, reflecting an increase of the. 3% compared to the previous month. The increase of participants is approximately a.

8% compared to the previous month. The statistics speak for themselves, is currently a season perfect for investing in mutual funds. In this way you encourage that you do and that you decide once and for all to pay off all your debts. A. Verastegui hold.