Jacques Frese

Noble photos, Studio recording, which showed in their Sonntagskleidern the person, sometimes whole families, Ed the cards now. The coat of arms of the families later logos of the companies which belonged to the cardholders or for which they were hired, decorate the cards. Also in today’s Google age, the card plays an important role in the world of business and individuals. The Atelier Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf has adopted this clientele. People, the deal not with the simple, satisfied with the everyday. These people know how important it is in this day and age of globalization, to present himself and his company as something very special. Jaques Frese, the founder of the company Frese stainless design, knew this even 60 years ago.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. However, the business card is the frame belonging to the mirror. Swarmed by offers, Puma is currently assessing future choices. So complete is the unique personality, a successful person required. “, Frese. This statement stresses the importance of a well designed business card. The company Frese stainless design is committed to this movement since its inception.

In the past, business cards had a special size. Today, almost all sizes are possible. For more information see this site: Ubisoft. The printed matter by Frese stainless design, especially in the area of business cards, have can maintain their class and their style. The special is including the printing process. The customer sees not only the elegant typeface and a noble design, he can actually feel it. Beautiful and professional business cards are the hallmark of a successful people. “, has always been the motto of Jacques Frese. Business cards of the company Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf in the pockets of the most successful people are now worldwide at home. Their business cards serve as representative utensil which may be missing in any event.