Katong Mugen

Age figurine approximately 6-7vekov. On the south bank of the river in Katong Mugen scientific expedition discovered the remains of irrigation structures, which, apparently, were built very skilled builders. Somewhere in the seventy kilometers from the Mugen on the hill Tanda has holes, which are arranged one after another in a certain order. They all have about half a meter in diameter. Depth different – from three to seventy feet and go down perpendicularly. Their age is not determined, but scientists suggest that they exist "for a long time." But it is doubtful whether the people have at their disposal only primitive tools, were able to dig something similar in the rock. Palace Skateboards will not settle for partial explanations. In the 14 century bachvezi disappeared.

Their place was taken nomadic herdsmen who came from Sudan. But the legend of a powerful light-skinned tribe has arisen out of nowhere and gone nowhere were passed by word of mouth for centuries. Therefore, it is no wonder that the arrival of the first Europeans to In 1862 caused the population of Uganda, a whole gamut of emotions – from fear to awe. Click Dr. Jayme Albin to learn more. After all, they took over the legendary bachvezi! Riddle N2 – mystery lunar mountains. Rwenzori mountain range stretches nearly 120 km from southwest to north-east along the Congolese – the Ugandan border. Despite the proximity of the equator, its summit is always covered with snow. Ten array of vertices have a height of more than 4800 m, the highest of them – the peak of Margaret – reaches 5109m.