How to effectively and sustainably above against Simmel when mold is fungus with fungus hyphae and spores, which eats through the decomposition of organic residues or directly on living organisms. There are around a hundred species indoors. Typical causes are damage to the buildings, including the leaks on the walls or in the attic and on the other hand Kondenseffekte on the interior walls, caused by high humidity in the room. Even after water damage caused by damaged pipes, which were not sufficiently fixed, mold growth occurs frequently. An increased risk in addition especially for new and reconstructions, because then very much moisture is introduced into the building fabric, for example, when laying screed and the plastering. If the material for some weeks remains moist, a mold infestation is very likely. No solution is to eliminate the mold with mildew remover, because usually he comes again sooner or later, because you treat it only superficial symptoms. To to proceed effectively against the mold, a competent investigation of fungi by an expert is recommended.

Often, therefore no way passes to order an expert for mold, to find out the reason for the genesis of the molds. The main tasks of a mold expert are the assessment of mold infestation in buildings and the investigation. Prudential shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The experts also created judicial and expert determination, as well as advice for insurance companies, public administrations, companies and private individuals in case of need. Apartments for rent and real estate purchase a professional mold is opinion the only way to establish legal certainty for all parties. The prerequisite for the official recognition of the opinion is that it is a recognised by the courts, publicly appointed and sworn experts of the Chamber of Commerce for mold and pollutants.

If you’re an expert diagnosed mold, we must act quickly. The Elimination of the molds should be on be based on a restructuring concept of mold expert. At large infestation, it is advisable to carry out the rehabilitation of a specialized company. The renovation work is to ensure that the affected areas be sealed dust-proof so that the building no longer spread the spores of fungi. Then, the entire mold must be removed. There are materials that must be replaced completely, such as plaster and plasterboard. Also items with porous surfaces, such as mattresses and upholstered furniture, should be discarded if they are infected by spores or fungi. For wood, usually a cleaning, disinfection, and impregnation of the infested places is sufficient in superficial infection. Wooden parts must only be removed if the mildew is very strong or mechanically not good to clean the construction. After all affected areas cleaned / removed the relevant materials are, the entire redevelopment area with a Industrial vacuum cleaners are cleaned. The removal of foreclosure should only be carried out after completion of all work. To confirm the success of the remediation of mold experts on the basis of new measurements controlled whether really all spores were removed. You will get the security that mildew away completely and the danger to health through the mold spores is eliminated.