Krasnoyarsk Frequency

The high-efficiency (reduction of less than 5% of the maximum possible) lies in the range of 80-120% of nominal operating point of the pump. In this case, an effective way to optimize would be to use complex stations increase the pressure. Normalization of the changes in efficiency are achieved by applying a few pumps with integrated electronic controls installed in parallel on a common basis. Such a plant usually consists of a 3-x (2 + 1 redundant workers), or 4 pumps (3 workers + 1 reserve). Due to the frequency control of all pumps station automatically adjusts to the change in pressure at the inlet. Due to control cabinet installation by integration into the overall scheduling of the enterprise.

However, for companies with relatively small in consumption is quite effective is to use a combination of pumps with integrated frequency converter and a pressure sensor coupled with the usual stand-by pump. This makes it possible to reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency. As is known, the electric motor with integrated frequency converter is interchangeable with the standard, with 30-50% cheaper than a separate frequency converter. wN8Eaww1–ViDajIU4RXCxgSXE&r=Y6h7vWfaj5TXMu7K2VHSWH5_OMvZCS7iH0SrpJQwrcE&m=SpfdeXj7HYu62Ro3ESHmQl-wnPdoXgDvtj7UKbkBz1c&s=JbjCrnPecLwFN4P0JSYdqjUEuBxDlu2w6AfXJAkPY94&e=’>Activision Blizzard, offer their opinions as well. Such a scheme of water supply, for example, was implemented in one of the holding companies, – Krasnoyarsk brewery -Pikra. Here, the water supply of the first (from landline) and a second input (water) are a series of pumps grundfos cre 90 with variable frequency drive. Filtration processes One of the obligatory stages of production is filtration. This process is used to correct drinking water and to clean vodka (Sorting, blending).