Labrador Mosquitoes

Sorry if someone forgot to introduce oneself)), these insecticides against mosquitoes are not dangerous))) And here is a means of flies – with vaportrinom – really dangerous! Of the Flies – vaportrin, also known as moth. a plate and bottles of flies. Substance: vaportrin. this is a dangerous thing. We can not leave at night and generally not more than 4 hours and only in ventilated areas or use after the airing, but while using in the room not to be. vaportrin kills all flying and mosquitoes as well.

Some write – our way of flies and mosquitoes! people and put them on all night and herbs and then wonder why my head aches and nausea, and thoughts are confused … Vaportrin – he’s empentrin – dangerous! ))) here is an educational program was even add, I remembered: 1) I am taking the easy hikes in the plate to heat the tent before going to bed a lighter, some form of corruption, simply heat the tent and the mosquitoes are no more. They are light and do not place much occupy. 2) children should not use sprays, lotions or cream only … I personally would not use the spray on a child under 8 years old. And for those who do not trust the “chemistry” is used folk remedies: mosquitoes do not like smells of gasoline, camphor, rosin, vinegar, chamomile, tobacco. Bog Labrador tea – it must be either burned or simply put a thread somewhere.

I sometimes toss in handfuls of chamomile fire to dymilo or zhgu coniferous twigs (best fir) The most a good way: pink. You can record and burn)) is not harmful, just smolder will be, but it is flammable, extinguish it with your fingers – it does not pinch the candle, the plate will be much hotter. Dai why evaporate from it all chemistry? it is rasichtana an average of 8 hours … I would not recommend to burn the whole plate in a closed tent. just 10 seconds to warm enough. Spirals – atstoy complete. You need to put pieces of 15, surrounded himself with them, so do not bite. Them for some reason buy good, it’s a mystery to me))) is a fiction and not a means of mosquitoes. It is better to collect twigs and needles or chamomile to throw into the fire. Recalls that the most effective and safe means of a mosquito net or anti-mosquito tent.