Land Social

Ecology, also, if does not summarize to the quarrel of great subjects as: hole in the ozone layer, melting of calotas polar, heating> global. Nor the regional subjects as dry or the impact of the construction of a hidroeltrica northeast. Also it exceeds the limits of the defense of the whales, the turtles, the alligators or other animal species as in such a way vegetal, at risk of extinguishing. It goes beyond the debates or campaigns in defense of one determined ecosystem threatened or the conviction of the oil emptyings. These ambient and social questions had left of being delinquents to the business and had started to be essential, strategical. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dankse Bank.

The support concept exceeded the ambient question reaching social and the educational one. Responsibility in the use of the natural resources, in the consumption and the treatment with the society is part of the modern administration. The concern with the environment and the human being that lives in society is consequence of the stranger modernity that if observes, with the removal between the people and the peoples provoked by the ignorance and for preconceptions of all the order. This concern will be able to be changedded into a factor of union of efforts for the improvement of the relations with the nature and between the human beings. Sustainable development, beyond social responsibility, intelligent and well-taken care of growth with the environment, would have to mean development, respect to the differences and fraternity human.

No country can be considered developed when arvorar itself it the condition of manipulator of ideas and thoughts to overwhelm excessively. The same it happens with the people; the imposition is sinnima of imposture and swaggerer. Intelligence estimates exposition instead of imposition. The ecological crisis that we witness is consequence of a serious crisis social human being and. The human being was come to grips obtains exactly, with its fellow creatures and the Land.