The contact that these professionals have with the English language is a factor that justifies the knowledge of the language, since all have some type of relation, in its work, with the language, and the biggest index of presented frequency was through work documents, with 95%; for email, it represents 90%; the contact saw telephone was a less expressive index, only 43% of the interviewed ones if they communicate frequently for telephone. However, it is verified, also, that a minority how much to that they carry through international trips frequently, only 29%. As presented for some authors, to the tasks of the professional of logistic they are diverse and they in accordance with vary the area of performance of each one, however, in any procedure, these professionals have a contact with the English language, according to results of this research. It is through the documents that are made all the transaction of the process of the logistic International, in such a way the reason can be understood for which the interviewed ones had shown the biggest frequency for this communication. Important factor, how much to the importance of the knowledge, either for the professional in itself, or had to the environment of work, this it had resulted similar, therefore 95% consider important the knowledge of the language in its area of performance; 95%, very important the knowledge. Both the questions had the same objective, but the intention of an age to know if had or not it necessity of the language, already to another one it complemented with the degree of relevance of this importance, both had resulted equal. From these results, it can evidence the fact of the utility and the necessity of the English language to have been generated, when it had the loss of chances of work on the part of these professionals, since 45% of them had affirmed that already they had lost some chance of work for not having the knowledge of the English language.