Lao Tse

Here are correct the question to people: I forgot who? Oh, women! But that had the value of domesticated pets and slave – like u in the former China…, no, that’s too far! Chinese under – just arrange the whole of nature. By the Enlightenment (18th century), we the people, subordinate to out to the Federal President, the Basic Law (IDE(e)Al). So different than ours! Confucius decided to announced and sanctioned the violations in personal Union. Very un democratic. After a few years, peace in the country there was one surviving! It is still today in China as in the Old Testament: an eye for an eye… how you me, so…! (Death penalty for murder).

Now the Chinese had released enough energy to all sorts of things to discover and invent: noodles, firecrackers, paper, shipping, silk, paper money,… Ebay brings even more insight to the discussion. Religions in China were already at that time equated with superstition. Today, the policy replaced the religion in the secular China there. There before Confucius already a significant thinker – similar to Plato (427-347): Lao-Tse (approx. 4.-3rd BCE), the intellectual/meta physical father of Taoism (Tao: strive for harmony, the right way, the sense, the reason…, that sound familiar?)! Lao Tse said lt. Tao-Te-King: human needs either gods or spirits, if he follows the DAO.

“Today we say: be In harmony with nature!” Salvation religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were perceived as something strange, weak and State be threatening end. Before the Dalai Lama, so already the Jesuits failed (soldiers of God, 19th century) with their faith. Even Korea and Japan are among the Chinese language and cultural area. We live in a digital world of think: we know more (education), which is why we need to think less. Asians, Arabs, Africans and South Americans (analog cultures: more faith than knowledge) digital much of how we think – especially in the globalized business. Analog thinkers choose feminine-subjectively with the gut feeling: faith digital thinkers choose masculine objectively with the reason: knowledge globalization means we know (Simplified): digitization, democratisation and Americanization and objectification. As a result, Chinese who global economies, how we think Professional: digital. Privately they think more analog, as we. Asians in Asia as we think all day more analog – otherwise. We recognize even a difference: the Chinese clan society. From clan societies were also our European individual companies emerged (Simplified): now you know what sets us apart. Like more information if you wish! Wolfgang Schwalm biology and