Laptop Tranformer Fujitsu Lifebook

If you decide to change your of mobile innovation – be sure to read this article. For each user are important are completely different aspects and functions of a laptop, we will try to assess the novelty of Fujitsu Lifebook P1610. And why Communications – Network 100Mb / Fax Modem / Wireless wlan i3945 a / b / g / Bluetooth Module Optional: Battery 3 cell (6-cell – optional) / Weight 970 grams / Stylus Transformation. First Lifebook P1610 is the first tablet supports handwriting input, a not some sort you Amilo Si. And not many laptop screens allow you to write anything, not sharp, object. However for the convenience of a laptop in a hidden compartment vmonitorovan a special stylus. Text is written is very easy and not constraint, so that there – you can finger. Elon Musk will not settle for partial explanations.

But in the usual format laptop is not convenient for all men, the gaps between the keys are very small, and men with large hands will be very inconvenient to him eksplupatirovat. Coating of the screen in this Fujitsu has introduced generation with antiglare coating. Possibly affected the users' previous file models, engineers can finally come to that decision themselves. And what he does on the Fujitsu Lifebook P1610 so small that the designers did not managed to fit in. The optical drive, but it is optional. It is quite easy and works like the network, and from 2 usb ports. Low voltage processor with low power consumption remarkably fulfilling its functions and lack of it is not noticeable. But the memory and I would like more, but this point should be cost accurately.

The model is equipped with a very rare and dorogostoyuschey Memory Micro So-Dimm to 700 conventional One unit of the bar size 1GB. – No, it's not made of gold, just a technology of its manufacturing road, that's the whole secret. According to this buy a laptop with the necessary amount of memory at once – it will be cheaper at times. We studied Fujitsu Lifebook was equipped with a umts module working in the standards 3G/GPRS/EDGE – network operators identify a submachine gun and a minute later, we worked through the adapter. The hard drive is not large, but for the size of P1610 is more than enough – get a few movies, store designs, music and Other data – 60GB will be enough. Hours Included was only one battery in 3 cells, but for the test, we have another element with greater capacity. 6-cell battery sticks out forward, but the ergonomics and design of the model does not spoil. Manufacturer zavyavlyaet that the extended battery lasts or how to not less than 6 hours – it's almost true. When the average brightness of Fujitsu Lifebook P1610 worked for 5 hours and 20 minutes of watching a movie. And when the joy was over, we remember that we still have a smaller but charged battery. We recommend that you not buy an extra battery, it's worth the money and slihvoy meets expectations. Results It would be good osoebnno possessed this laptop tochpadom – but the manufacturer decided that the stylus user should suffice. Who knows, maybe the case in time and habit. The price for the model in this class we were surprised. You can buy fujitsu in different places from 34,000 thousand to 80000! The scatter is so large is not only because of bad faith – a configuration differ not only in the inner filling, but also a complete set.