Leadership On The Internet

This text is adapted from the works of Lao Tse. The work was originally addressed to the wise political leader and ruler of ancient China. Through various delivery exposing this text go to who wants, can take on all the wisdom that contains the TAO OF LEADERSHIP Tao means how. Tao means how things happen, how things work. Tao is the basic principle of creation. Tao is God. Tao can not be defined because it applies to everything.

It is impossible to define something in itself. If a principle can be defined, it is not Tao. Tao is a principle. The creation, however, is a process. It’s all there: the principle and process, how and creation unfolds .La turned down due to Tao. There is no other way. You can not define the Tao, but it can be known. The method is meditation, or being aware of what is happening.

Being aware of what happens, I start to feel like. I begin to feel Tao. To be aware of what happens should I pay attention with an open mind. I put aside my personal prejudices or predilections. Prejudiced people only see what agrees with their prejudices. The method of meditation is because the principle and process are inseparable. Any process reveals the essential principle. This means I can know Tao. I can meet with G-d. Knowing Tao, I know how things happen. Polarity: All behavior consists of opposites. If I do something again and again, more and more, appear to polarity. For example, the struggle to beautify ugly to one person, try to be friendly with too much effort is a form of selfishness. Any conduct committed with effort produces its opposite: The obsession of life suggests a concern of dying. The real simplicity is not easy. How long or short time since we met? The vaunted probably feel small and insecure. He who wants to be first finish last. Knowing how polarities work, the wise leader does not push for things to happen, but it allows the process to unfold if cord.The leader teaches more by example than by preaching to others how they should be. The leader knows that the constant intervention group.El block the process leading to not insist that things go in a way determinacy.El wise leader does not look much money or praise. However, it is enough of both.

Be yourself: The wise leader does deployments of holiness or good conduct awards degrees. This would create a climate of success and failure. Which originates enviable.Lo same applies skills and by emphasizing material success: those who have put a lot of greedy, and those who have little are thieves. The wise leader pays close attention to any behavior. So the group is open to more and more likely to conduct. People learn a lot when it is open to all and not just to imagine what pleases the maestro.El leader shows that style is no substitute for substance, that the knowledge of some facts is not more powerful than the simple wisdom, to create impression is more potent than acting from the center of it same. Students learn that effective action comes from silence and a clear conscience to exist. In which are a source of peace. They discover that a person with his feet on the ground doing what needs to be done more effectively than the person who just is busy.