Libertador San Martin

In Mendoza, the holidays have mountain frame. Wherever you look, the impressive snow-capped Andes stretch its beauty before the amazed eyes of the visitors. Already in the city of Mendoza beats the purity and Majesty of the Andean landscape while enjoying an afternoon of shopping or a moment of relaxation in a cafe. To enjoy the wonder of the mountain environment options are almost endless. A good idea is to take an excursion on horseback across the Andes, to relive the exciting gesta libertadora of General San Martin. The walks are modelled several sections of the route followed by the troops of the liberator of America in a tour with taste of glory.

Although, naturally, the circuit is worthwhile not only for its historical interest but by the magnificence of the snowy landscape, with its abrupt peaks and valleys, its variegated vegetation of high mountain and its colorful indigenous fauna. To Crown the adventure, nothing better than daring to reach the viewpoint of Aconcagua, to Marvel and wonder before the Majesty of the giant Sentry of America. Experience of sight, far away, Summit gently sinking into the mist is, mark, they say, a before and an after in the life of each one of the lucky ones that live it. But the viewpoint of the Aconcagua not only arrives on horseback: the trekking is an excellent choice to live a day all mountain. This activity is ideal for those who want to start tourism adventure, since it provides circuits for all tastes. For newbies, nothing better than a few hours walk (between four and 6 is most advisable). For the more seasoned, a trip of two or three days for the invaluable experience of doing night in the mountain. Trekking can be practiced at any age and the only requirement is found in good general physical condition: a comprehensive prior training does not lack as which requires, for example, climb the high peaks of the Andean hills.

But not only of Aconcagua Andes are made. The mountain chain Villavicencio hosts lovely surprises as the hotel. Yesteryear he was one of the finest accommodations in Mendoza, the Argentine elite came to there booking your stays up to 1 year in advance, to enjoy its thermal baths in an environment full of luxury. Rescued as a Museum, today greets tourists in the heart of the mountain as a delicious window to the past.