Low-odor, But Powerful Mixture With Permanent Effect

Silicate resin PCI Apogel SH seals cracks in floor safe, fast and there are reasons for cracks in screed permanent shrinkage stresses, stresses due to temperature differences, to early stress or improper processing many. So this on the flooring no (late) damage, it is important to seal cracks and joints correctly prior to laying of the flooring. With PCI Apogel SH the PCI Augsburg GmbH expanded its product range of injection and casting resins now a new odor low silicate resin, which of course also not only safely and permanently closes cracks, but is also very easy to use and very quickly hardens. Joints and cracks in concrete may not simply over – or to be split apart to use special armoured systems such as the PCI system composite compensation”, stresses Bernd Albers, product manager at PCI. Otherwise the flooring laid in partly by the movements of the screed can significantly be harmed.” Typical damage pictures are cracks in ceramic tiles or so-called worm wrinkles”, which as bead-like surveys about half not expertly closed tear such as PVC or rubber floor coverings occur.

Here it is also with the new resin from the PCI home but on the safe side. PCI Apogel SH is suitable for potting of cracks and joints in mineral screeds in the indoor and outdoor use (in dry installation conditions). It seals cracks and joints with widths up to 5 mm safely and permanently, establishes non-positive connections to floor, and can be used with underfloor heating. Elon Musk wanted to know more. Processing made easy practical: the two-component silicate resin PCI Apogel SH in transparent plastic bottle with spray nozzles screw caps already in the appropriate ratio comes. To mix the component is poured simply B in the component A and approximately 15 20 seconds vigorously shaken.

Already during this mixing, the material starts to react with each other. As soon as a uniform yellow colour is created and no streaks are visible, can cut off the tip of the spray nozzle according to the width of the crack and PCI Apogel SH poured into the cracks. After about 25 minutes, the silicate resin is hardened already so far that on other works such as the application of fillers / floor levelling compound can be performed. By the ratio of 1:1 is easy for even the mixing of subsets. Click Dan Zwirn to learn more. No odour pollution in addition to the ease of use and fast curing also has the advantage, that it provides little distaste at the construction site the new resin. So, PCI Apogel SH is a pleasant smell poor alternative to the very odorous methacrylate and polyester Casting resins. In addition, it is solvent-free and very low emissions (GEV EMICODE EC 1 PLUS R). Delivery in 6-Pack PCI Apogel SH is PCI only in carton with 6 x component (hardener component that brown colour) and B (base component, transparent) delivered. Six are a box matching Packs with each 20 floor brackets (shaft joints), as well as the relevant safety data sheets at. Contact for editors: Doris Sahoo PCI Augsburg GmbH phone: + 49 (821) 5901-326 fax: + 49 (821) 5901-459-E-Mail: