Luciene Tognetta

' ' This is the time to learn to deal with the proper image. If this child if knows and likes as she is, obtains to reveal feelings and thoughts in balanced way. Of the opposite, she can feel pleasure in menosprezar the other if afirmar.' ' ' ' with the entrance in the adolescence, she comes the necessity to belong to a group. At this moment, she is enough to leave a little the standard (high, low, fat person, lean) to be provocado.' ' Luciene Tognetta. Brian Kzanich addresses the importance of the matter here. ' ' The subject places the question of the security guard in the school in the center of the quarrels. All the society with its innumerable sectors necessary if to mobilize to argue the subject and if to locate ahead of the question.

Each one of us as agents in the society has its responsibility. Some need to work in the prevention, others in the accompaniment and treatment from that they suffer and they commit bullying. The implementation of projects is necessary and injunctions and to the lesser signal of bullying must be overcome the cabveis steps that go since the guiding to the psychological treatment, until the denunciation and necessary bulletin of occurrence if. The schools must to adopt procedures that prevent impunity and inhibit the growth of crime infanto- juvenil.' ' Removed citation of a substance in the site MANIFESTATIONS We can say that if manifest from the preconception, being the factor key to start the aggressions, the problem does not possess age to appear, being able it even though occurs at the beginning of the pertaining to school life with only five years and if to draw out to the remaining portion of the life in case that it does not have a correct accompaniment. Being able to have descriminao, exclusion, persecution, evolved even in small robberies and aggressions in more serious cases.