Making Beaded Bracelets

Manufacturing Machine Beading One way to manufacture a machine for weaving, which is very easy and quick to assemble yourself. All necessary details can be easily found in stores, selling metal fasteners. Figure 1 Figure 1 shows a general view of the machine. The machine consists of four screws (1), four bars (2) and two plates of the base (3). As the fasteners used 12 screws and 16 washers. I will give only approximate dimensions of parts, as they may differ, depending on their availability in the store. Bolt 1: 80 mm (length) x 5 mm (diameter) of the Planck 2: 120 mm (length) x 15mm (width) x 2 mm (thickness) of the base plate (3): 180 mm (Length) x 40mm (width) x 3 mm (thickness) When buying picked up all the details so that the diameters of the holes and bolts of the same. Between the upper bolt through the threaded bolt is tightened grooves or monofilament thread.

Figure 2 shows a detailed view of the bolt and the connections. Washers must be installed on both sides of plates and plates of the base. Figure 2: The maximum working width of the machine is 5 cm and a maximum working length equals 36 cm Length adjustment by turning the strips around the side of the lower bolts. All-metal machine has high strength, it will be practically 'eternal'. In principle, it is possible to use screws of any length, that allows production of different widths. Instead of the bolts can be used threaded rods, which would cost an extra 4 nuts.