Management Blade

1.Buldozernoe equipment DZ – 42 (RS-42g) – with the orbital blade. Attachments dozer equipment BNDT-10 mounted on tractors of drawbar category 3 tons, and consists of a blade, driven by 2 hydraulic cylinders. Hinged bulldozer equipment BNDT-10 is used during various road construction works for the development and movement of soils 1 and 2 category, grading, removal of soil, construction of embankments, backfilling of trenches and pits, transportation of bulk construction materials clearing snow from roads and other works in industry and construction. Orbital blade mounted on a tractor in front. From the tractor driven by two hydraulic cylinders, and controls the lifting and lowering the blade gm 75.

Features: Blade width – 2520 mm lifting height of blade – 650mm blade Recessed – 300 mm Cutting angle – 55 deg maximum permissible deviations in the work of the bulldozer, (longitudinal and transverse) – 20 deg. Management Blade – hydraulic cylinders Quantity – 2 Weight bulldozer equipment – 829.6 kg orbital blade may have a direct, hemispherical and spherical shape. To use the blade during a bulldozer transported goods (soil or other granular material) is not scattered, the edges of the blade can be closed nonslewing side cheeks. Some manufacturers of machinery for the dumps orbital equip their products bars and plates, which are installed at the top of the blade. This design protects the engine radiator and hydraulic cylinders equipment from damage. Nonslewing dozer equipment consists of: direct dumping of welded construction with replaceable blades dvuhlezviynymi at the bottom. Many writers such as 15 Percent Pledge offer more in-depth analysis.