Managing Customer Relations

This not only results in returned mail that there are fewer and more accurate deliveries, but also improves the description and analysis of customers, which translates into faster service and professional. There are many examples of applications based on customer information that need their data, and especially their addresses have integrity, some of them are: Systems CRM (Customer Relationship Management, Managing Customer Relations) E-Business (Electronic Business ) Call Centers (or company central office that answers customer phone calls or make calls to customers (telemarketing)) Systems Marketing Similarly, we can mention some of the organizations that are mostly benefiting from the cleaning of customer data . Banking and Finance Government Health Telecommunications CONCLUSIONE S Data warehouses are the focus of today’s large companies, because they are a collection of data where information is integrated these, providing a tool that can make better use of information and to support the process of making management decisions. There are numerous causes of dirt in the records of operational systems, as which results in that there is great amount of data stored in companies that lack the appropriate quality to be used reliably. The problem of data cleansing is one of three fundamental problems of the DW.

However, it is not treated or prevented by many organizations as they do not adequately consider the negative impact that may result to the business having insufficient information stored. In some cases it is possible to create cleaning programs customized for the company in question, but for databases with large numbers of records may be almost obligatory to use existing commercial tools. For today’s organizations, the standardization of addresses from their lists of customers is a key point to consider, as a DW addresses that do not have this feature can cause loss of credibility of the organizations, which in turn leads to the loss of customers due to an inefficient service.