Matthias Haring

‘ Kindergarten ‘Frobelchen’ receives historical teaching materials of the BFW Leipzig on 13 February gave participants an integration measure of Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) professional development work on the kindergarten Frobelchen “even manufactured in Leipzig (Mockau) teaching materials for the work in the kindergarten. Were around the 18th and 19th century borrowed from moulds for the manufacture of wet-cast stone from domestic brown coal”, declared Jurgen Geissler, trainer in the DIC – diagnostic and integration Center of BFW. “On the basis of the production of brown coal form stone wet the children in the kindergarten should learn that the consumer world, they encounter in everyday life, one based on work, in which is often dirty can make”, as Jurgen Geissler continue. The forms, which were adapted in the scale to use by children, there is also a medieval wheelbarrow, which was made by the participants of the integration measure. An instruction for the teachers, as well as a children’s book should be Dealing with the hand tools explain and depict. All of these things have been independently researched by participants from the DIC, designed, built, and coordinated with the head of the kindergarten Matthias Haring. Here a product development process of technology for handling was modeled with 15 participants. The transfer also means for the participants that they have made a project with sustainable use in their integration measures and thus also a piece of have regain self-esteem.

All products had to be of course child-friendly in form, content and size, but necessarily reflect the historical originals in appearance and function,”so Jurgen Geissler, which intensified in the future in the kindergarten Frobelchen as brings professional consultant in mining and other mining scientific questions. The Frobelchen “-Kindergarten of the FRoBEL group in Leipzig acted BFW project as a practice partner and customer”. He is considered the first mining kindergarten of in Germany.