Meat Processing Plants

In all food processing plants throughout the cooking cycle of the product are different disinfectants. They are used as processing equipment, which made products and for processing the final product. For processing plants in the meat industry uses alkaline disinfectant with a concentration of 2-10%. Foam alkaline medium with sodium giplohoritom due to concentration effective substances are removed fat and protein from various surfaces (aluminum, steel, synthetic materials, plastics). Often at the enterprises of meat industry applying disinfectants to removing odors. For cleaning surfaces used the funds in the composition of which may include: peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium compounds.

The combination of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid sanitizer makes it also a tool for removal of mold, fungus and spore formations from the surface. The principle of operation of such substances is that their impact is destruction of acid cell membrane, cessation of important enzyme systems. Means with quaternary ammonium compounds prevent the metabolism of microorganisms (bacteria fungi, Algin, mold), and thus way contribute to their rapid demise. Disinfection process in addition to exposed surfaces and containers where finished products are packed meat industry. Concentrate on organic complexing additives to prevent the formation of iron oxide (rust) and lime water. Allows you to remove grease and other contaminants. Continue to learn more with: Danske Bank. Sausage, as a product of the meat industry, as well is treated with disinfectant. Apply them to a greater extent in the manufacture of dry sausage. To prevent fungal and mold formations on the shell of sausage used disinfectant products based on natural substances and a fungicide natametsina. The processing is soaked in a solution of the shell means and spraying after forming sausages. Such operations can prevent education of unwanted plaque (mold) during the final ripening of sausages.