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A very striking culinary adventure by the District of Surquilo which is located in the Peruvian capital is found a preparation of chickens, ducks, pig and Turkey by means of cylinders. So is cylinders appropriate for Mr Pedro Peves in its mechanical workshop prepares these birds to their cylinders that is cooked there as grills, the taste of birds in these cylinders are different from those traditionally encountered in any restaurant from Lima. Began to experience 28 years ago where guinea pigs were family and friends. The idea came to me of nothing. For more information see Brian Kzanich. I had never seen to make the meat in this way.

In addition, I thought: why not can’t do me a chicken in this way? And I grabbed a cylinder and cut it. But the chicken burned me because the distance between the charcoal and Grill was short, he explained to initially birds you burned salian but it then started to revise, adapt, move ranging from charcoal to grill and you now get you your special touch of this Mr Pedro Peves. started as a hobby and now it It has as business week Pedro sold 250 kilos of chancho, 60 kilos of Turkey, 30 ducks and 100 chickens. Here we work to order. People call us and so we are preparing the meat, whose cooking may take 2 to 4 hours. He never studied cuisine but experience has taught him the difference between stationary cylinder and yours: the first meat comes out juicy because the distance between the charcoal and Grill is larger. My style is different, chicken or pig must be crispy by outside and very soft on the inside. It has more customers such as restaurant that even though not let his first passion which is the kitchen mechanics as a workshop is a totally different feeling.

I never imagined highlight in Peruvian cuisine. I think seriously about putting a restaurant later. My only workshop I adapted the cylinder, do not think that using the wrench as a spatula, said smiling.