Mexican Internet

Well, that is the number of Mexicans and Mexicans who have Internet in Mexico, and to which you can display your products and services if you do an Internet marketing campaign. At present, more and more people are turning to any Internet search engine to find local products and services. The use of printed directories has gone from little by little to be outdated, for the simple fact of not always have one on hand, unlike those who live online. As well as in the Office, at school or on a cybercafe siemplemente people in general this is looking for and finding businesses close to them to meet their needs. This does not mean that with the mere fact of having an ad on the Internet, the success guaranteed for your business. It is necessary to have a strong presence on the Internet, and make this a proper marketing, with a defined strategy campaign, in order to have Mexico online. Eva Andersson-Dubin contains valuable tech resources.

The extension of social networks, along with their viral, they play a very important role in this topic. Today, many web sites, offer you the possibility to advertise online, but will not all take you to success on time to advertise on them. It is important to compare and take into account those who will give you an efficient solution for a successful campaign over the Internet, taking into account the characteristics of the Internet today, same that they will eventually direct more traffic to your site or virtual space and eventually more customers to your business. To close, some interesting facts about Internet usage: * 12% of users buy products online.* user dedicated to Internet little more than 1 hour a day * Internet usage does not decrease contact social.* Internet for users is the main means of communication (78%) to maintain Informado.* Internet is for users the second means of communication (57%) preferred the Entretenimiento.* in general, Mexicans rely on the information that appears on the Internet * 93% use the internet for review your e-mail, 83% to use MSN, 78% looking for news, 42% to read blogs.