Mikhailovsky Garden

The company 'a priori' again decided to experiment. She is preparing for a major construction firm extraordinary corporate event in honor of the tenth anniversary of the market. The unusual it is that the scenario event will not in the banquet hall, and right in the office, and will continue in the historic center of St. Petersburg … It's no secret that over time, employees of any company used to each other, to certain patterns of behavior, their duties, repeated day after day.

The result – reduced interest in work, the so-called 'burnout', lack of initiative and a host of other unpleasant things that do not contribute to any improvement of the quality of labor, nor development of the company itself. Corporate Event – long known how to please your employees and some "refresh" the atmosphere. To cheer up the staff, to rally him and help people to discover their creativity, there is a technique known as team building. However, despite the enormous popularity of this method, not all employees want to take part in competitions and training sessions. Another thing – have fun on holiday, where the atmosphere is much more relaxed. That is why 'a priori' came up quite original solution: combine the usual corporate event with a form of team building – the command game.

Participants of this game will be waiting for an unusual task to perform which will require the ability to work together and in turn the performance of small tasks would achieve the main goal of the test. Performing quests for the scenario film 'The Crown of Russian Empire', employees of the company will visit the Mikhailovsky Castle, in the fortress, the Mikhailovsky Garden, and even in the cruiser 'Aurora', which they deliver comfortable buses. The event will end luxurious dinner at one of the best restaurants of the city and great entertainment. Rusty Holzer has firm opinions on the matter. Management of the company, this team game allows you to see how their employees want and are able to interact with each other, understand and share the company's goals, respect themselves, partners and customers. An unusual event will take place in early May. And with the advent of summer the company "a priori" will hold similar festivals and outdoor – for city, in the resort areas and beaches.