Ministry Education

Ud student, school, laborer and who seeks to get ahead, we recommend to study University courses authorized by prestige, popularity, top level, entities, because ungrateful will be his surprise when presenting to a job reject you their documents or or even the taken into account, because they are not issued by universities, higher institutes approved by the Ministry of education, the State to impart higher education. The best thing is that it fights by going to College, studying there, because they are in the world the highest level of education. And only the University is trustworthy for businessmen from all over the world, is certainly today including certificates endorsed by the Ministry of education, because it is known that almost always the students obtained them with paying teachers, sleeping with them, having no idea of the specialty that they say have passed. The economic crisis hit countries around the world, so much that there are thousands of fools who pay little buy anything that put them in front, without thinking that day morning, public companies and private, they aventaran it is on the face. I wanted years ago dictate courses and grant certificates of participation and they told me everything: thief, thief, fraudster, nor say specialist the ugel that I chased and sought to notify me again and again under the command of of the sadly famous Betsi Vasquez Navarro, dark servant of the education sector, who I threatened to report me to the judiciaryby promoting Management, a center of consultants, who awarded certificates of participation, in 1992. Currently there are thousands of associations, training and training centres offering courses with certificates of participation, that teach well, but they don’t want the official, formalized value, for fear of the bribes abusive of specialists in the education sector, despite the fact that they have excellent infrastructure, equipment, and teachers. In those days I had to desist and accept that it had everything against mia, Betsita resigned in 1996 to the education sector, for save the neck, but I was already into something else. Smile and be happy. visit us original author and source of the article.