Mobile Fair Systems

The mobile exhibition system EX POMADE ideal for use on the ANGA Cable in Cologne the ANGA Cable is one of the main focal points for visitors and exhibitors from the most diverse sectors as one of the leading trade fairs for cable, broadband and satellite and related. From 03.05 to 05.05.2011, the exhibition takes place Cologne trade fair ANGA Cable in and offers the ideal presentation surface for exhibitors from the fields of broadband via satellite channels, server and router technology to content and consumer electronics. The choice of the right trade fair system is a decisive factor for the success of the trade fair participation. The speech of the demanding public, as well as the high-quality presentation of the company with a single mass system must be realized. The mobile EX POMADE trade fair system can meet all these claims, and more. By abandoning flat carrier, it offers an open advertising space which can present also large-scale advertising motifs without interruption.

In addition, the design Tower continues distinctive characters and focuses attention specifically on the own trade fair stand. Therefore cannot be competitive not only presents a clear advantage, but the advertising message prominently worn in the height. Through the elaborate system of EX POMADE stand the tower can be in addition as a storage cabin for promotional material and catalogues use. Through the integration of wallup system of advertising pressure can be on one side of the Tower like a window shade on and take off and is invisible from the outside access to the cabin. The system idea and the modular construction, the EX POMADE trade fair system can be expanded quickly and easily. So, the fair system can constantly adapt to changes in market conditions and still ensure a best possible presentation.

Also can be integrated by the modular elements of EX POMADE of simply digital content. Through the media, a counter solution with monitor can be used in particular for the ANGACable allows the presentation of digital and multimedia content. But also Terminal systems such as the EXPOFLY Office system can be used as a stand-alone solution for the digital address. The highlight of the EXPOFLY Terminal is the retractable monitor. The terminal can be extended if needed, the rest of the time it can be used as a slim counter. So, all add-on and extension elements lead to optimum space utilization of the EX POMADE of trade fair system. An additional advantage of EX POMADE is located in the simple self-assembly. There must be no additional stand Builder will ordered, because the system itself without many tools can be developed. The carrying case allows an easy transport of the system, because it completely disassembled. So also the transport in the car is easily possible.