Modern Management Tools

Administrative science in recent years has led to new approaches, scope of modern management topics which are decisive for those identified with them know, especially management. To work with stakeholders on these topics have been designed in such supplies a questionnaire covering 10 questions answered one on each delivery, and its total 10. We trust, something they work with the information needed to enter what is relevant to each topic. Those interested can with the information provided further investigated and increasing its content Question Discuss the use of outsourcing in the Venezuelan company, set it and highlight its history, scope, implications and obstacles. In what way could be used Response Definition The term "outsourcing" translated into Spanish means outsourcing, supply of services that can range from hiring cleaning services to a specialized company, through the tendering of works by of a public body until the transfer of a process or a complete business area of an organization. Under this usage was adopted by the managerial world: the situation where a company gives to a third party management processes that were previously performed internally (sub-contracting). Background outsourcing or sub-contracting is a practice dating from the beginning of the modern era. This concept is not new in Latin America, as many competitive companies is done as a business strategy. At the beginning of the post – industrial competition starts in global markets, and that's when companies decide to let others take responsibility, as it did not seem sufficient service capacity to accompany growth strategies.