Napoleon Hill

Sometimes write actions can be nonspecific. Provided that you think in action ask yourself: what would have to be doing to? If you have a new answer to this question is because you still have to redefine it so the only thing left is to run it. For example, an action that you think that it will take you to earn money, such as this are thinking: working on what I like. Ask yourself: What would he be doing – to work on what I like-?. You das account that response takes you to another action? That last action response is that will take you to your goal. Your plan document shall be accompanied by the amount that you want in numbers, the time in which you will manage it over all the steps and resources (your strengths, skills, etc.) internal and external that will help you achieve your goal. Don’t forget to review your plan every morning to wake up and also before sleeping. Imagine vividly how that money enters your life, it displays the scene as you want it to live.

It recreates in your mind what you will do with the money and how it will enjoy. In the way of your plan and while you’re closer to your goal, feel gratitude for everything that you have, your current work, your life. Live it with passion, enthusiasm and love, and get ready for everything new that you are creating. Thou art the creator! Isn’t it wonderful? And to dismiss me I want to share with you an excerpt of one of the great books Napoleon Hill: First comes the thought, then comes the Organization of such thinking in ideas and plans, then the transformation of these plans into reality. The beginning, as you can see is in your imagination. Tell Me how you been gone? I’m going to wait anxiously! With love, Ani Vera would like to publish my articles in your newsletter or web site? You can do it if you include the following text