National Administration

Mars Observer is a space probe constructed by the Americans to throw a look to him to Mars. After arduous days, the scientists of the National Administration of Aeronautics and the Space (NASA) put in path to Mars Observer they released and it to the sky with a precise mission: to watch at Mars of back and ahead, to photograph it of down and above. The one of Mars Observer it was not one damned little camera; it is enough to say that with her a Vokswagen could catch from a height of 375 kilometers. Supposition fits that in Mars are worthier things of the curiosity of a space probe. They constructed while it, the spaceship did not say nor po.

But as soon as it knew that to the high there was it engineering provided of brings back to consciousness that it could differentiate the plans from the NASA of theirs, deduced that a thing is to be scrap iron in the planet Earth and very different other a brilliant sounding in the stellar spaces. So that it prepared his litros, it reviewed to his innumerable computerized data and undertook a flight that all believed triumphal, and in truth it was it, because since it received the baby’s bottle in the cradle Mars Observer lived obsessed with the idea on otear the definitive horizon, the one of the infinite. Between constructing it and training it for a delicate mission, the NASA it had spent billions of dollars, that are not any joke even for the gringos, although is a bargain for a spaceship, after all a sounding is a beautiful one to be that it realises the human dream to fly beyond the dominions of the imagination. Consequently, instead of to give returns around Mars, Mars Observer felt the temptation of escabullir itself, attracted by mysteries of which the scientists of the NASA do not have the smaller idea. What Mars nor what eight quarters! trill Mars Observer after to take a photo from the Earth to keep it like precious memory from the planet where it was constructed. While the space probe lined up towards the mouth of the infinite, head Burns Albes with the project of the NASA shouted: ” He is terrible! From Saturday we do not know anything of her; one did not communicate yesterday with the control tower, as it assured it would do that it. It will have shot its propulsive to be placed in the Mars orbit? Hopefully it does not commit madness to remain in silence! ” What Mars nor what carbine of Ambrosio! returned to grumble Mars Observer while it took thousand photographies from the Earth and it finally undertook a task that Burns Albes, in Pasadena, had not anticipated: the exploration of the universe independently, in a for the first time independent flight and with the breath of the eternity.