National Park Redwood

Recordistas trees in size the biggest tree of the world is a sequia of 112 meters and 7 centimeters of height, what it is equivalent to a building of 43 floors. It is planted in the National Park Redwood, (in California), in the United States. Although this gigantic size, already had, in Australia, a bigger tree: one eucalipto of 150 meters. Unhappyly, it was destroyed in a forest fire. No longer Japan, exists the culture of very small trees called Bonsai (Bon wants to say vase and leaves means tree). With this technique is made the lesser trees of the world, planted in vases, but with the appearance that would have if they grew normally. The bonsais minors vary of 5 the 7 centimeters of height. These very small trees last many years and live 40% more time of what they were in the nature, therefore are very well well-taken care of.