National Television Commission

With much insistence we have seen recently in the channels RCN and Caracol News legal war undertaken by the latter against the so-called 3rd channel. Both, who have reached pacts of non-aggression and of not stepped on the hoses in several aspects, have been engaged in a same attorney who has been denouncing a series of irregularities in the process prior to the tendering of evil called the third channel. That fierce opposition has no other name than the fear that runs them reign to a marriage that has had informative control of this country in the last decade. A similar situation occurred at the end of 2008 when they attacked against the National Commission on Television and the Minister of communications, arguing that the cost of one hundred million dollars for the renewal of licenses was a disproportion, that wasn’t fair because it was gaining the new player only 30% of that amount, which the advertising cake didn’t, in addition to the uncertainty by the global recession among other justifications, but in addition we were made to please alert us by the patrimonial detriment that it would mean the low cost of the license of the new operator. Of course for this Assembly could not be more media and showsero, is clear, using, and do only as they have known it for more than 10 years, the immense power that possess, that now is not limited to the open signal that each have in Colombia, but three international signals respectively are in the country. That evil has gone to these poor!. Thereupon the brand-new National Television Commission and the Minister of communications, that have no tail of straw, ended up down every one of the licenses of octopuses in nothing less than 20 milloncitos of dollars each, but of course, there if there were no patrimonial detriment, especially for public television that finances the regional TV and signal Colombia budgets with those resources.