Natural Earth Energies

The biological organism draws its life energy mainly through the chakras energy of pads for the shield, neutralization and protection against earth radiation, Earth energies and geopathic zones according to alternative medicine. The chakras are energy transformers which transform the universal, single pole life energy for the people and make it usable in a dual or bipolar energy for the body and the mind. The activation of this life energy can be made energy pads and to the human body or biological organism from fault zones and protect Earth radiation. The emergence of the so-called diseases of civilization may be a direct consequence of the withdrawal of the life energy that is required in this context. According to the traditions of many cultures an important factor had been millennia Earth energies and Earth energies, when it went to places where you often and long remained. What appeared the people granted some 200 years ago, is very far in the known in today’s society Background moved or completely into oblivion. Each biological organisms is in accordance with the non-Orthodox methods of alternative medicine through life energy created and received. The energy of life should be as a result in the universe virtually unlimited.

For example, the Egyptians use the dowsing (sense perception of fault zones) should have busy all priests, not only to find the optimum location for the respective object or building, but to prepare them accordingly before and after the establishment. Also the Romans have maintained this science of history and integrated into their city and building planning. In India, these alternative science is since thousands of years in Ayurveda under the term vastu”applied. In Feng Shui, this Foundation is also for millennia in application and this specialty in geomancy is anchored in the European area. The appearance of the world is but mostly not of sensory perception of fault zones and subtle vibrations, but from the prevailing school scientific understanding.