Natural Parquet

The parquet floors can be classified as material and as how to install it. Perhaps check out Penguin Random House for more information. Depending on the material are synthetic or laminated parquet and natural wood parquet. * Natural wood parquet is a parquet mosaic composed of natural wood slats. Usually this is a pavement composed of three layers of shingles with wooden sticks, although we can find the park consists of a solid wooden board. The top layer is exposed and is covered with hardwood veneer. The middle layer consists of layers of pine placed transversely and is reinforced by the third basic layer, consisting of a pine shingle.

The thickness of each of these tablets made around 15 millimeters, in which only about 4-5 millimeters correspond to the upper layer. the only one that can later be sanded or stabbed by. * Parquet or laminated plastic sheet is composed of pressed wood fibers on which is attached a decorative layer imitating wood. On a sheet of high density wood sticks a photographic reproduction with decorative motifs that mimic the wood of various kinds. This reproduction is covered with several layers of transparent melamine resin, highly wear resistant, shock, burns and exposure to sunlight.

Each table can consist of one, two or three layers or strips of melamine. Depending on the quality of the synthetic laminate the pavement will be more or less resistant to external factors that tend to damage the floor, there are even models made from PVC which are often used for wetlands. The blades are attached to the click system that allows the unions are very strong and resist very well over the years.