New Business Models

Let’s leave aside complex and grandiose explanations and let’s talk about realities. Yesterday I had occasion to meet an old friend, that do not have (nor want) have a mobile phone, because he understands that would complicate life to him. It is justified by saying that the majority of their time is at home or at work and therefore, anyone who wants to locate it, can do you it. The hours in which believes that you should not be bothered, having no mobile phone, it has no problems to admit that it would be good to know that you are looking for, but that both gives you. His agenda remains full of cards and attached plastic with a rubber band wrap. Its reaction capacity in your business with any challenge, any possibility to respond quickly or improve the quality of its service, has been definitively corseted, only by this decision.

The aspect of your business, your clients and address maintenance new professional challenges have been biased by his bad decision: isolated from the technological evolution and not recognize changes of relate and work forms. When to take this decision to their more practical aspects: connections to the internet, manage statistics instantly, providing quick tools and above all dispose of immediacy in information which generates both which receives, check that they are absolutely conditioned by this fear of sickly to be exposed to a world that is unknown. You have mail/e account as not, but look at it two times a day and just by calling to confirm, answer or handle the information. Yesterday asked me what it was when I tried it, I passed through the head a lot of preliminary issues that made me very difficult mission of explaining size project. Didn’t know how to explain it, that what he performs in his work of printer, I could do absolutely everything, sitting in my car or drinking a coffee.

And the word of mouth made possible the transmission of these new ways of dealing with the daily work. But that the word of mouth is now done online. I didn’t know How to tell him that he could sell some business cards without investing in machinery, set up a business, occupy my hours designing, or mechanical work print, have them lists and deliver them on time, and that the customer received the product having previously claimed. And that you could improve any offer presented both in price, time, product quality and delivery times. And from my mobile phone, or from my house. And winning my Commission. Thats, and put the day it has rely and gamble by new business models and new tools.