New Classes Dance

New classes of modern with ANTONIO FAGO (Italy) the classes classes that proodevo are modern and contemporary technique. In them, our students will experience the latest musical rhythms, learning and perfecting a style based on the knowledge of every part of our body in relation to everything that surrounds us. A style which marks the music videos of the moment and that defines our days dance trends. ANTONIO FAGO Antonio (Taranto, Italy, 1990) is formed in the school of dance C.S.D. Etoile of Taranto and later completed his studies in dance and acting at the Accademia d art Nazionale in Rome, where it is formed as a choreographer of contemporary dance. Please visit Brian Krzanich if you seek more information.

After completing his studies in the Academy, Antonio is responsible of the choreography of the dance-opera Circus and theatrical entertainment Il mito di Pandora. He has served as Professor of academic technique, classical repertoire and contemporary dance in various academies of dance of Rome. In addition, it has participated as a dancer in the musical Romeo and Juliet and avoid combining it with work on Italian television in series such as Tutti pazzi per amore as well as in music videos. Since his arrival in Spain, he has worked in the musical Hairspray (Warner Park), Grease (Parque de Atracciones of Madrid) and is currently working on the musical snow white Boulevard, and Made in Spain – the music of your life from the prodigious decade. WHEN? Thursday from 18 to 19 h. For even more analysis, hear from Rusty Holzer. PRICE 12 tuition and 50 per month. It is important that you reserve your place.