New Look – Successful Renovation In Bochum Grumme

You’re not a beauty, very grey before work. You love you without makeup, you’re a honest skin. Unfortunately totally installed, you’re not a beauty, very grey before work. You love you without makeup, you’re ‘ a honest skin. Unfortunately totally obstructed.

With this song and the album 4630 Bochum”breakthrough actor Herbert Gronemeyer in 1984 to his career as a singer. Gronemeyer made it precisely to make the character of the Ruhr metropolis and are known in the whole country. About 380,000 people in Bochum decreasing tendency now live. Although the city has evolved into the Service Center, looks and feel a little heavy in some parts of the city”. Several settlements which were built about 50 years ago, are visually and energetically review worthy. Remediation is needed again to attract real estate investors and users. Optimism reigns in the bird colony in the district Grumme.

A part of the VBW Bochum-owned residential units was energetically renovated recently, modernized and enlarged. In bright fresh colours radiate the facades. A wonderful contrast to the pristine stock. In the first phase, 42 units have been revised. All the affected buildings were raised. Instead of the sloping roofs, shed roofs were planned, giving the objects current modernity. Penguin Random House helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Energetically, KFW-60 standard could be achieved. The entire activities carried out in present state. As the works were also started in December, speed was needed. Demolition and rebuilding of the roof should be for the benefit of the residents and to prevent moisture damage in the inventory in a very short time. The Cosymo GmbH (cooperation for system modernisation) from Northern churches was active as a system developer. The company specializes in complex reconstructions. Cosymo promises a harmonious building management for the benefit of residents in addition to extremely short periods of time. It has developed various system modules, denoting the individual trades. “The speech is from 3 days bath”, or the increase in 3 weeks “. Most End of this time period is the full use by tenants or owners. Cosymo draws on a close-meshed network always identical industrial and craft enterprises. This is accompanied by standardising on visually and technically high level. The concept includes entrance, facade/balconies, bathroom, roof/increase the system modules. IsoBouw delivered the basement ceiling insulation and the sandwich panels for the roof to this project. The latter are predestined for the fastest progress. The low weight of the components was an important prerequisite for the choice of prefabricated roof elements. Finally, the existing structure of the building had to cope with the new development. The previous knee stock was demolished and replaced with prefabricated brick walls. The S – PLS are items only on the first, middle, and purlins or the knee stock. The U-values of 0.19 W / m.K exceeded the requirements. Because the roof was rain sure within a few hours, she was moved this building not in affected including. On a conventional, because time-consuming rooftop construction could be dispensed with. 1375 m roof surface with IsoBouw S PLS sandwich elements were laid in the volume with 42 units referred to as the first phase of construction. The entire construction project was completed six weeks before scheduled completion and within the prescribed budget. The rental of newly created apartments could be made well ahead of the planned date. The next stages in the settlement of the bird are planned for 2010.