New York

Shaida continued bidding but had problems with the second baby, she believed that he would die and that would be not born his second son so he shouted to take care of your baby, he’s said that not to worry that the four would be able to Hercolus in a matter of seconds and his son would be born almost at the moment of reaching Hercolus and everybody would be happy. At that time Mobed and Shaida heard the cry of Fussigan, trying to enter through one of the tubes wing ship, Mobed rushes and closes the gate of the capsule where he was Shaida about to give birth the second baby and directs in direction to Hercolus and capsule get fired, he introduces it with difficulty in another capsule along with the small baby in arms, but seeing that the chute gate opened and hand Fussigan out introduced wing capsule without reaching to the final destination of this type. New York Life may not feel the same. TEN YEARS LATER… Aissa is a lovely girl of almost 11 years of age lives wings outside the city, in New York, her house is nice and big, her grandfather is called Obed and is a very sweet ancianito..