On World Water Day

In November last year, during the annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev proposed reduce the number of time zones in Russia, and his proposal was approved. By order of the Russian government had changed the timezone and some Russian regions. For example, the Kemerovo and Samara region of Udmurtia, and have not moved to 'Daylight Saving' time, thus changing its time zone. In the Health Ministry of Russia noted that the human body adapts to the transition to the 'summer' time in a few days so after the transfer arrows forward one hour daily regime can not be changed. It is not excluded that in future Russia renounce the system 'old' and 'winter' time. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev this week asked the experts present an analysis of whether such a transition. Last week was marked by water and the Baltic Sea once two environmental holiday observed on the planet on March 22: World Day for Water (World Water Day), and International Day of the Baltic Sea.

World Water Day (World Water Day) seeks to draw the attention of mankind to the state of water bodies and the problems associated with their restoration and protection. World Baltic Sea Day is intended to draw public attention, and especially – on the shores of Baltic Sea itself, the issue of this unique sea. On World Water Day, an American researcher, professor at the University of Maryland, Dr. Rita Kolvell won the International Water Prize 2010, which is awarded for contribution to the preservation of world water resources, ecosystems and human life. Recently camden treatment associates sought to clarify these questions.