Organization Team

Many face the challenge of “How to find a job?. To the salary is high, and colleagues, friendly, and the head – a darling … and become a recruitment agency in the hope that they know better where they pay more, the best team and head – a dream employee. Take the solution to this problem in their own hands. Recognize their talents.

Remember, what games you liked to play as a child, dreamed about what lesson gives you pleasure. Only the work that brings joy, can bring income. To know more about this subject visit Samuel J. Palmisano. One talent is not enough. Employer will be interested in your professional qualities, experience. If you feel that you need more knowledge, while to think about retraining or refresher courses. Decide in what company you are looking to work with. Inquire about her.

There are four issues that suggest the imminent liquidation of the nonprofit Organization: low confidence, chaotic corporate culture, emotional, lack of discipline. The consequence is staff turnover. About these issues following symptoms signal. Anonymous, slander, internal dissension, suspicion of communicating warning of low confidence. Intrigue, political games, the lack of traditional corporate parties – the disregard for the minds of employees. Ignoring the resulting discipline a mismatch with the market, with customers, suppliers. Lack of enthusiasm, part boredom, reigning in the team, the signals of the scornful attitude towards emotsionalnymu mood of employees. By selecting team that suits you, do a market analysis of market goods and services, which are going to work. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its competitors. Identify the problems that have face. Schedule a way to solve the problems that lead to attracting new customers and increase revenues. Develop a strategic plan for overcoming the crisis of the enterprise. This will help you argue your desire work here. Now, make your CV correctly, which briefly and concisely state the information about yourself. Start with the surname, name and patronymic. Think about Katya Pushkareva that your resume is not been making photographs for We understand the reasons. Ask how we can contact you: phone, e-mail. How to specify the target position you are applying for. Columns education and further education – the name of education, courses, seminars, that allow you to be a competitor of the post. Make sure to include work experience: in what year, where and by whom, starting with your most recent job. Of special note is a foreign language knowledge and skills computer. As additional data write your birth date, marital status, personal characteristics, hobbies. Essential to the existence and recommendations from the previous place of work. Sufficient to indicate the name, middle of your immediate supervisor and his work phone. Resume may be sent to e-mail. You can think “casual acquaintance with the chief. The main thing is to show that you are – a valuable employee, results-oriented.