When employees achieve identification with the company and participate, being heard to take, they adopt the goals of the Organization as their own and put every effort to achieve them because they feel well motivated. John Simmons and William seas investigated the effects of participatory management in companies and came to the following results:-increased productivity by 100% and more. The number of casualties from disease was reduced to half. The fluctuation was reduced to half. The self-esteem of employees increased. Employees enjoyed more with his work. The sense of helplessness among employees was reduced. The feeling of being able to control things increased.

The data provided by this research we can say that depending on the mood of the workers you can increase or decrease productivity. When the managers of the organization develop its social competence they promote well-being and human contact with the rest of the staff that integrates the organization. Intentionally create environments or atmospheres of success and ensure that they contribute significantly to growth and organizational welfare. An atmosphere of success is achieved by worrying about creating spaces where employees see on paper the good news, the informations which are outlined by different communication media, about the achievements made by the company thus generating a climate of predisposition to the effort. Generally speaking, what is discussed in the negotiations often only the problems and progress are often, in the background. Although the news of success can become the triggering factor of new successes.

The excitement caused by a problem that has been fixed is contagious, reinforces confidence in the viability of the project and motivated to repeat the success. Even when the company is well-managed errors occur, employees are not always involve as much as it would be desirable, occasionally happen interventions which denote lack of companionship, managers cannot escape criticism. Conflicting discussions that occur in the work environment develop similar emotional processes that take place during a fight with the partner or any relative or friend. The conversation can be constructive, i.e. you can modify problems in a positive way. However, conflicting discussions between a superior or employee may create new problems, new challenges.