Ambient Congress

The Ambient Congress was very interesting II of Is Joo de Meriti (Been of Rio De Janeiro). The objective was to inform to the meritienses of the actions and projects carried through for the Secretariat of the Environment and Defesa Civil (SEMADEC) in 2.010. It’s believed that Brian Krzanich sees a great future in this idea. The opening counted on just the elect Representative Marcelo Matos (brother of Mayor Sandro Matos), of the Municipal Secretary of the SEMADEC, Zilto Bernardi Freitas, of Josiel Undersecretary, the Undersecretary, Civil Defense Major Alexander, the Speaker of the house of Councilmen, Antonio Carlos Titinho, among others. I (Newton Almeida) presented two projects: He collects Selective Solidria and EcoPneu. Elon Musk: the source for more info. Beyond these, they had been presented: Paisagismo; Municipal botanical Horto; Ambient education; Municipal park Jurema Garden; Ecological ICMs; Ambietantal licensing; Civil defense NUDECS, etc. Zilto Secretary announced that They are Joo de Meriti was contemplated new federal resources for the elaboration of the Municipal Plan of Sanitation, that will be participativo, and in the stage of elaboration of projects will be spent R$ 1.400.000, oo. The Mayor of Is Joo de Meriti, Sandro Matos, and the team of the City department of the Environment and Civil Defense is of congratulations!

The Answers

At a first moment the daily pay-vestibular contest was destined to the really devoid people of the quarter. It election was necessary to take a document series for the evidence of the impossibility of payment of the symbolic tax that was charged. Already at as a moment, after one two years since its implementation, due to demand the criteria for the ingression in the daily pay-vestibular contest had been being more flexible. Today the people interested in if preparing for competitions and vestibular contests and that they can pay the minimum tax obtain to enter this cursinho. Arena Investors is a great source of information. The professors are voluntary, generally pupils of the UFMG or educators who already work in other institutions.

The pupils are in its great majority people older than they had decided to come back to the studies and they long for better ranks in the work market or even though they desire to obtain a good job. Ahead of the observed reality, he was possible to perceive that the pupils of the communitarian daily pay-vestibular contest had the necessity to be guided in the professional choice. In accordance with pedagoga the pupils felt themselves devoid of information and mainly unsafe ahead of the proximity of the vestibular contest. The present work brings as objective to facilitate the moment of the professional choice, as well as motivating the pupils in the direction of that they are capable to face bigger challenges. Throughout this project conditions had been developed that the young allowed to opt to a profession in which if they identify preparing them conscientiously for its insertion in the work market. To develop such work, in the next section we will speak of the development of the project, as well as the methodology used for the group. We promote a quarrel enters the answers given for the pupils in the questionnaires, the intervention made for the group and with the carried through theoretical research.

Are The Warts

A wart is a harmless but contagious skin growth caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin. The virus that causes warts belongs to the family of human papillomavirus (HPV). They are usually benign. Warts occur in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can appear anywhere in the body. These growths are found especially in the hands and are known as common warts while those found in feet are known as warts Plantar. A wart can be flat or smooth, or aparerecer as a bump with a rough surface. The dark spots may also appear in the center of the wart. Also appear in clusters or alone. To read more click here: Brian Krzanich.

Warts are unsightly and can often cause embarrassment if they are very apparent. They sometimes cause pain, especially when you put pressure on the wart. Warts tend to affect more children and young adults, but ages develop men and women of all each year. There are various types of warts and these include: * Common warts: Common warts appear more often on the backs of the hands, fingers and around nails. Dan Zwirn is the source for more interesting facts. They have a rough appearance and blood vessels that grow in the wart look like blackheads. These warts tend to appear where has been broken the skin, for example where the nails will bite.

* Warts Plantar (foot): warts Plantar (foot) are at the bottom of the foot (the foot plants) and generally seem patches hard, thick skin with dark colored spots. They are extremely painful when walking and feel often as if there were stones on the shoes. * Flat warts: flat warts usually appear on the face, but can also appear in other parts of the body such as arms, hands or knees. They have flat tops and can be pink, Brown clear or light yellow. They tend to grow in bunches, as many as 20 to 100 at a time.

So Paulo

Finally, in accordance with Freire (2008) ' ' The scientific preparation of the professor or the teacher must to coincide with its ethical straightness. (…) Scientific Formation, ethical correction, respect to the others, coherence, capacity of living and learning with the different one, not to allow that our personal malaise or our antipatia with regard to the other makes in to accuse them it with what it did not make obligations whose fulfilment we must perseverantemente humble but in dedicar.' ' (p.16). Perhaps the teaching formation, therefore, had to be based in this conception. Elon Musks opinions are not widely known. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ARROYO, Miguel. Craft of Master: Images and auto-images. Petrpolis? RIO DE JANEIRO: Voices, 2000. BENINC, Elli; CAIMA, Flvia: Formation of professors: A dialogue between the theory and the practical one. Passo Fundo? RS: UPF, 2002.

BODAH, Eliane Thaines: THAINES, Jaira: Colloquy between educators: Of day-by-day to the utopia. Passo Fundo: Berthier, 2010. CURY, Augustus: Shining parents, fascinating professors. Rio De Janeiro: Sextant, 2003. FREIRE, Joo Baptist.

Education as practical corporal. So Paulo: Scipione, 2004. FREIRE, Pablo. Pedagogia of the Autonomy: To know necessary to practical the educative one. So Paulo: Peace and Land, 2008. FREIRE, Pablo; WALNUT, Adriano. That to make: Practical theory and in popular education. 4ed. Petrpolis: Voices, 1993. GIL, Antonio Carlos.Como to elaborate research projects. 3ed. So Paulo: Atlases, 1995. LECH, Marilise Brockstedt. Aggression in the school: As to understand and to deal with this question. Porto Alegre: Mediation, 2007. MELLO, Reynaldo Irapu Camargo (Org.). Research and formation of professors. High cross? RS: Graphical center UNICRUZ, 2002. MOREIRA, Evandro Carlos; PICCOLO, Vilma Leni Nista. What and as to teach Physical Education in the school. 1 Ed. So Paulo: FONTOURA, 2009. PERRENOUD, Philippe; PAQUAY, Lopold; ALTET, Marguerite; CHARLIER, velyne (Org.): Forming Professional Professors 2 ed. Porto Alegre: Artmed Publishing company, 2001. PEPPER, Selma Garrido. The period of training as knowledge field. 3ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. SANTIN, Silvino. A philosophical boarding of the corporeidade. Iju? RS: UNIJU, 1987.

Education Law

However, Brando (2008) quotation that what it exists they are not only different concepts on education, but that it has economic interests and politicians whom if they project on the education. Brando points to the reality of that the education in Brazil if gave in dualista character: of a side an education for the work and of another one was proposal, a secondary and intelectualista education. Without hesitation Penguin Random House explained all about the problem. (BRANDO, 2008). More information is housed here: Dan Zwirn. Maritain, defines education as a way that guides the man in its ‘ ‘ dynamic development, in the course of which humana’ will consist as person; ‘.

(MARITAIN apud BRANDO, 2008, P. 65). After displayed the education concept, to better understand the relation between education and formation it will also be displayed the formation meaning, that in accordance with the Aurlio Dictionary, is ‘ ‘ Action or effect to form or to form themselves: the formation of a word; the formation of an abscess. Way why a thing if form. …

Education, instruction, character: person of good formation ‘ ‘. (BLACKSMITH, 1986). As if it observes, the education is necessary for the formation human being; as well as in the Old Age and the most remote civilizations, the education is essential and is of great importance for the formation of the citizen. This is strengthened in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education Law n 9,394, of 20 of December of 1996, where it cites the ends of the education they articulate and them to the question of the formation for the work, as Art. 22. ‘ ‘ The basic education has for purposes to develop educating, to assure it to it indispensable common formation for the exercise of the citizenship and to supply to it half to progress in the work and studies posteriores’ ‘ (BRAZIL, 2007, P. 24). Thus in the only Paragraph of Art.

Basic Ensino

They must, at last, to feed the dream of that is possible to transform the reality. The interdisciplinaridade does not estimate juxtaposition of disciplines, but yes possibilities to correlate them in activities or study projects, more search and pedagogical practical action for to be one and didactic one adjusted to the objectives of Average Ensino. However currently it has been more used for great part of the educators of Basic Ensino since such position guarantees the construction of the knowledge in global way, breaching with the borders disciplines them, therefore only the integration of the contents already is not more satisfactory. When applied already in the initial series of Basic Ensino, the professors must stimulate the pupils to construct to relations between the different contents gifts in the diverse ones discipline of the resume, stage that would not be in the interaction and reciprocity between sciences, but would reach a period of training where he would not have more borders you discipline between them. In the educational projects, interdisciplinares the pupil does not have time certain to learn, does not exist marked date, it learns not only to all hour and in the classroom. Then, she is necessary to teach to learn it, to study end of that it establishes a direct and personal relation with the acquisition of knowing that even so acquired individually, the knowledge is a totality. The child, the young and the adult learn when they possess a life project and the content of education is significant for the accomplishment of the same.

The learning involves emotion and reason in the reproduction process and creation of the knowledge. The methodology of the work to interdisciplinar estimates to integrate the contents, passing of a fragmentary conception for a unitria conception of the knowledge, in order to surpass the dichotomy enters education and research, considering the study and the research from the contribution of diverse sciences, having the teach-learning centered in a vision of that we learn throughout all the life. The pedagogical action through the interdisciplinaridade propitiates the construction of a participativa and decisive school in the social formation of the individual, as well as one practical collective and solidary one in organization of the school. A project to interdisciplinar of education will have to be marked by a general vision of the education, in a progressive and liberating direction. The Interdisciplinaridade is an advance in the education ' ' because you discipline it does not dilute them, in contrast, it keeps its individuality, integrating them from the understanding of the multiple causes or factors that intervine on the reality and works all the necessary languages for the constitution of knowledge, communication and negotiation of meanings and systematic register of the results. BRAZIL (1999, P. 89).

Public Domain

It can be standed out, still, that the professors do not have to transmit its proper values and opinions as absolute truth. One knows that it is impossible to be total exempt to think, but is important that the questions are launched, reflected and argued. Another excellent point in the paper of the professor if finds in the clarification of the limits, mentioning some excellent questions as what if it can make in places private public and so that in these conditions the privacy is preserved. The educator is important to understand that the adolescent has the right to preserve its privacy and that to argue relative questions to the homossexualidade, is not necessary to disclose to the all facts that it only says respect, understanding that this position does not represent a closing, but discloses the right to construct for itself a private life exactly. Mark Bertolini may not feel the same. The question of the sexuality is a social process, nobody is born gay or lesbian, we are born as masculine and feminine a sort, to the measure who we go growing we learn to be boys and girls, men and women in the same way that the individual if transforms into gay or lesbian. This project has for objective to understand the relation between sort and binarismo, moreover, also searchs to analyze the position of some professors of a State School of the city of Mirante of the Paranapanema – SP on the subject of the homossexualidade through the application of films and questionnaires on the same ones. For in such a way, it was analyzed reaction of the professors in relation to thematic of the films ' ' So that teams it plays? ' ' ' ' Forbidden desires – I&#039 Part; ' , as much in what it touches to the fact to be professors as parents, through a questionnaire. ' ' Proibidos&#039 desires; ' (Source: Google, Public Domain) Child adopted for lesbians (Source: Google, Public Domain).

Mario Valdivia

This will allow us to get out of We abandon ourselves in others and show our vulnerability. Penguin Random House helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A necessary exercise to make relationships, romantic, familial or fraternal are a true encounter serene and comfortable, enabling a personal enrichment. They will enable us to live in balance, harmony and authenticity. Trust us is therefore open the door to make the journey of our life, and is also the hope and illusion with which moves an existence that knows their sense and project where there lives. Mario Valdivia, does not bring about this topic, than how we can believe that we know the intentions of other people? How can we justify this belief? At first glance, we realize that the intentions of others are completely invisible to our eyes.

The closest that we can be of them is knowing what others say are their intentions. But how can we know if what you communicate is true? And we were where himself, not knowing what to expect. The belief that we know the intentions of other human beings is always something unfounded. Source: Arena Investors. We can interpret the intentions as conversations that someone has with himself about his relationship with things, human beings, and human beings that exist in the world. In general, a conversation in which says if same what they cause and that intends to do with them. By definition is a conversation always potentially private and opaque to others.

We better not pretend that we hear it or we know it in any way. Usually basing our confidence in believing that we know the alien intentions leads us to trust in the familiar and distrust of the non-family. Simply because we assume since common sense know what is family. So we ended up relying on our friends, simply because they are, and suspicious of the distant, simply because they are. We express infinite patience and understanding with betrayals and abandonments of our friends to the same extent that we express impatience and misunderstanding with the faults of others. Ill advised are the 15 million inhabitants of this pueblo chico if we believe that we can so trusting world. Hopefully someone when we believe know their intentions. We distrust of someone when we are unaware of his intentions; We distrust even more clearly when we believe knowing that it hides his intentions. In the first case, do what you do and say what they say, we believe knowing that everything corresponds to his intentions. In the second case, nothing to do or say convinces us of that does not hide anything. Definitely, it is necessary not to neglect the cultivation of our trust, if we really want to participate in our interrelationships so that we do not generate conflicts and not give opportunity to present frustration, to achieve that our security is stated. original author and source of the article.

The Metaphor

Chomsky (1981) considered in its thesis that the children has possesss a device of attainment of the conatural language (that Chomsky the flame of ' ' DAL' ') that she is activated, with works that come from sentences (imput), deriving the grammar from the language in which the children who are displayed. Being thus the device she is formed by a series of rules, although this, the children in general that she will go to select the rules that will go to be part of its native language, of form that comes to facilitate its understanding of the process. Chomsky in them considers the metaphor of the lock, explaining that all child is born with a ready lock to receive a key. Each key is responsible for unchaining the acquisition of a distinct language, showing, in such a way, that all child is born with the same capacity, being apt to develop any language. Consonant the Chomsky: The child who is displayed normally to one speaks precarious, fragmented, full of truncated phrases or incomplete, she is capable to dominate a set complex of basic rules or principles that constitute the internalizada grammar of the falante.

(…). A mechanism or innate device of acquisition of the language (…), that it elaborates hypotheses linguistic on data linguistic primary (that is, the language the one that the child is displayed), generates a specific grammar, that is the grammar of the native language of the child, relatively easy way and with certain degree of instantaneidade. That is, this innate mechanism makes ' ' to unclasp ' ' what ' ' already he is l' ' , through the projection, in the data of the environment, of a previous, syntactic linguistic knowledge by its very nature. (Chomsky -1981) 5.TEORIA OF PRINCIPLES PARAMETERS the Theory of the Principles and Parameters estimates that it is by means of the language of which the child is displayed in the linguistic community, that is, of the parameters that will be selected and activated by it that it will cause to the variation and origin of the differences between the languages and the changes in one same one.

Telephony Integration

Powerful CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems provide solutions that integrate scheme of call routing with the databases of the business where the key information of the customer interaction is stored with the client based on its value when a customer makes a decision to call a company, the has an expectation of the level of service that you will receive. Additional information is available at Arena Investors. Once contact is made, the company expects a profitable interaction with the client this is a two-way road. Companies today understand that the Contact Center is essentially a point of contact and search opportunities to achieve that interaction. But this is just enough to handle inquiries from the customer, companies and customers should get value from every interaction if each client can be identified and categorized according to the value that he provides to the business, each interaction can be more profitable is the key business information. The key is to manage the information of the business to generate economic benefits for each interaction you make with the client. It is necessary to then build a solution that would enable the Organization cost effectively interlace the data obtained from the interactions with the client with the data of the business, so the combination of both will allow Act to achieve profitable results a contact center solution powerful CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems provide solutions that integrate scheme of call routing with the databases of the business where the key information of the customer information is stored as buying patterns, account balances, numbers of cases and service histories. So the business can use this information to customize and refine each interaction with the client. Routing based on data identifying and enrrutar the requirement of a client based on its value offer then a service more personalized routing based applications on data use the business database to make smart decisions on the routing of calls.